Whether you are just starting your journey to parenthood or have been confronted with fertility struggles, our doctors have special training to provide primary support or complimentary care to assisted reproductive technology.   Some conditions we provide support for include natural conception, IUI, IVF,  embryo transfer,  diminished ovarian reserve,  and unexplained fertility.

What does a preconception appointment look like?  If possible, before your appointment, talk to one of our doctors to discuss what kind of laboratory work you should bring to your appointment for your doctor to review.  This may includes hormone and thyroid panels, micronutrient panel, structural tests, and semen analysis.  If your doctor thinks more recent labs or additional labs are warranted, we can help get those ordered.  We will review your diet, lifestyle, and exercise and how this effects your fertility and work together to create a treatment plan.  Acupuncture can increase IVF success by 40-60%.

Whether you are scheduled for an embryo transfer this week or would like to optimize your fertility in hopes for a natural conception in 4-6 months, our doctors will meet you where you are at to support you on your journey to parenthood.   Schedule an acupuncture appointment online.

*Appointments can be scheduled online.  If you have an IUI or transfer scheduled and there is not an appointment available online, please call our office 216-952-3830 for additional appointments. 

Dr. Candace is now offering Mercier Therapy's Shared Journey Fertility Program.

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