Dr. Candace Gesicki offers placenta encapsulation services for Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Akron, and surrounding areas.

Encapsulation Process:   

The method I prefer to use is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)*: placenta has been used in TCM for thousands of years to treat a variety of illnesses and to balance the body.  Placenta encapsulation is a two-step process.  The first step consists of steaming the placenta with herbs to enhance the effects.  It is then prepared for dehydration and the drying process begins.  During the second step, the dried placenta is ground and transferred into vegetarian capsules.  These capsules are both tasteless and odorless.  Upon encapsulation, you will receive 100-200 placenta capsules, your baby’s umbilical cord dried and placed in a satin keepsake pouch, and full postpartum support and resources during your recovery.

Placenta Tincture:

Placenta tincture can be added on to your encapsulation package for an additional fee.  Placenta tincture is made by steeping placenta in 80-100 proof drinking alcohol for a minimum of six weeks.  Tinctures are great for a boost in mood and adapting to stress.  Placenta tinctures will last long after your placenta pills.  Some even choose to save their placenta tincture until menopause when a hormonal boost is needed!  Placenta tincture can be prepared with raw placenta or placenta powder from capsules.

Placenta Salve:

Placenta salve is a solid product made with herbs and placenta that liquifies when heated.  Benefits include healing, soothing, and aiding in protection of skin.  It can be used for scar treatment (especially beneficial for planned or unplanned C-section scars), diaper rash, cradle cap, minor vaginal irritations, winter chaffed skin, and much more!  Essential oils can be added based on preference at the time of application.  Postpartum salve (no placenta) is also available.


Placenta Encapsulation may:

  • Restore balance of the body

  • Decrease risk for “baby blues”

  • Increase energy

  • Improve lactation

  • Lessen postpartum bleeding

  • Replenish iron lost during childbirth

  • Help uterine involution (shrinking)


Basic Placenta Encapsulation Package: $225

This package consists of placenta capsules, umbilical cord keepsake, and full postpartum support and resources during your recovery.

**Premium packages are available- email for more information


  • 2oz placenta tincture can be added to any package for $25.

  • 4oz placenta herbal healing salve can be added to any package for $25.