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We have expanded (effective February 1st, 2019 ) to a new space down the road in Brecksville. 

New address: 8803 Brecksville Rd., Suite #13. 

We are on the lower level of the Creekside Building at Millside Centre in the center of town.  We hope to see you there! 



Fertility Support

Whether you are just starting your journey to parenthood or have been confronted with fertility struggles, Dr. Candace has special training to optimize your natural fertility and provide primary support or complimentary care to assisted reproductive technology.


Pregnancy + Postpartum Care

Dr. Candace is a trained BIRTHFIT Professional, Webster Certified chiropractor who also specializes in acupuncture during the motherhood transition. Chiropractic and acupuncture during pregnancy can result in less pain during pregnancy as well as shorter labor times.


Family Wellness

Dr. Candace uses a patient-centered approach to treat a variety of health issues. As an integrative medical practice, not only do we want to manage symptoms, but we want to address the cause of pain or underlying illness to prevent recurrence.

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